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Atan Hot Mistral Boot 6.5mm

Atan Hot Mistral 6mm Wetsuit Boots | Atan Hot Mistral 6mm Wet Boots
£ 53.99 each


The ultimate windsurf wetsuit boots 6mm thick really warm, can be turned inside out to dry, easy entry and exit from the footstraps. The only specifically designed boot for windsurfing that happens to be a great choice for Stand up Paddle Boarding.


Atan 6mm HOT Mistral Surf boot.

The nearest thing to sailing bear foot.

Made with neoprene plush titanium with a fine latex sole with strap around the leg. These are the best boots on the market and designed by windsurfers for windsurfers. They are also the warmest boots out there and still the easiest to get in and out the footstraps.

Plus they are easy to dry out inside as they can be turned inside out.

Not the cheapest but definitely the best!!

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